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Trusted Appraisals for Informed Decisions and Secure Home Loans.

As licensed appraisers, we bring a wealth of education and credentials to deliver reliable property value opinions essential for securing home loans with banks and national lending institutions. Backed by years of hands-on experience, we are equipped to handle a diverse range of property types with confidence and expertise.
Doug Karcher Mobile Home Appraiser

Doug Karcher
Founder and CEO of My Mobile Appraiser

Why Choose My Mobile Appraiser

At My Mobile Appraiser, we understand that a mobile home is not just a residence; it’s a valuable asset that deserves a meticulous and market-savvy appraisal. Our team of seasoned professionals possesses extensive education and credentials, ensuring that we meet the stringent standards required by banks and national lending institutions for home loans. With a wealth of experience spanning years, we are well-prepared to tackle the intricacies of any property type, offering you the confidence you need in your real estate decisions.

What Sets Us Apart

Our commitment to precision and customer satisfaction distinguishes us as leaders in the field. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking a fair valuation or a potential buyer looking to make an informed investment, My Mobile Appraiser is your trusted partner. Our market-based comparable manufactured home appraisals are tailored to the specifics of the dynamic California real estate landscape, helping you avoid the pitfalls of overpaying or securing loans for amounts beyond the true value of your mobile home.

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Your Path to Confident Real Estate Decisions in California

Explore the difference that expertise, experience, and a dedication to accuracy can make. Choose My Mobile Appraiser for your mobile home appraisal needs, and let us guide you towards confident and informed real estate decisions in California.


What our clients say

Patricia Jones, Universal Homes, Laguna Niguel, CA

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Douglas Karcher for the past 4 years. He has appraised the majority of the homes for my company. In this business, time is of the essence and he delivers the appraisals in a very timely & professional manner. I would highly recommend his services.

John Bohrer, U.S. Financial Network, Inc., San Juan Capistrano, CA

We have used Doug Karcher for the last several years as one of our go to California State licensed appraisers. Doug always works in a timely manner and has excellent communication skills. Beyond this, Doug always does his due diligence in providing high quality appraisals that always meet our lender guidelines. Most importantly, we believe he has a strong base of ethics. These professional character traits make Doug Karcher a top appraiser choice for U.S. Financial Network, Inc.

Michael Bazavilvazo

We use Doug and his appraisal services for a majority of our mobile home purchases. Doug is very reliable and has quick turn times. His service is offered all throughout CA which is also very helpful. I would strongly recommend!

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Doug Karcher Mobile Home Appraiser

Doug Karcher

Mobile Home Appraiser

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